Mind How You Go

Life is a performance, from beginning to end and we can view it as a kind of a dance. We start out tentatively, learning all about movement and the various steps and, as we propel ourselves around the floor we experience more and more about the wonders, and the pitfalls, of this dance.

Gremlins and Lamplighters

Some of these pitfalls are forged by gremlins, who cramp our style by tying our shoelaces together, or by swapping left and right shoes over. Sometimes, when we don’t choose, they give us a costume that is too big, or too small. It’s all mischief, and it’s all designed to make us uncomfortable, less assured, and distract us from the dance itself.

It might all seem so unfair, especially as all we ever wanted to do was dance our dance – and yet sometimes the gremlins are that persistent that we even forget we…

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