What EDDC’s revised Local Plan specifies for the Sid Valley

Save Our Sidmouth

Here is the link to the revised Local Plan. http://eastdevon.gov.uk/media/990979/230315-sp-dmc-local-plan-with-changes-for-post-hearing-consultation-ver-04-march-2015.pdf

As in the previous version of the Local Plan, rejected by the Inspector, there are still 100 homes proposed, plus 50 windfall. AND the 5-hectare Sidford Business Park site is still in unamended.

The implications are illustrated below:


Proposal is for 12 acres of employment land, with 400 new parking spaces, close to residential housing. Sidmouth currently has a very low unemployment rate.


The site is partly on a floodplain, which Environment Agency warns will get worse with climate disturbance.

The Sidford-Sidbury country road already has traffic problems.


This example of a business park, just 15 minutes’ drive away (on A3052 towards Exeter) shows how the site in Sidford’s Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty t(AONB) could be transformed by EDDC’s Local Plan.

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