Knowle: on Friday (1st Dec), Inquiry heard barristers’ closing statements, and saw the agreement signed by EDDC and PegasusLife

Save Our Sidmouth

The last topic for examination in Friday’s session of the Appeal Inquiry (1st December) was planning obligations and conditions as set out in the S106 agreement signed between PegasusLife and East Devon District Council. To view the S106  agreement, go to

Most of the day had been taken up by lengthy closing statements by the two barristers who addressed the issues identified by the Inspector, namely the impact on:
Character and appearance of the area
Residential amenity
C2 or C3
The listed summerhouse.

Some points which emerged, are believed to be as follows:

-Neither side asked for costs.

-The section 106 agreement now includes an overage clause so if PegasusLife make greater profits than expected they will have to pay the Council for public benefit.

-The interpretation of “on-site team” of carers seems to be unclear.  Residents must sign up for a minimum of 2 hours ‘extra care’…

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